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I was lucky enough to get to witness a beautiful, intimate ceremony for Sammi and Jake - surrounded by only their closest family they had a wonderful cake and champagne reception complete with a dip in a very cold pool! 

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Seled and Tyrah {Engagement by the Sea} This amazing couple went all the way to San Francisco to take advantage of the beautiful misty weather and moody seascapes at the Sutro Baths with me.  

Their love and deep passion for one another is so powerful it's hard to miss - and I can't get enough of their absolutely perfect attire choices! Congratulations you two, you were an absolute treasure to work with! 

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Ellon {senior session}

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Britney and Josh {Married!} These two got married on a beautiful spring day at Grace Vineyards right here in Lodi. No detail was overlooked and everything from this melding of families came across so beautifully as I documented it! I can't get enough of this gorgeous wedding!

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Stephanie and Bryan While in Georgia last month for an absolutely stunning wedding I wanted to fill as much of my time with shooting as possible! This amazing couple is getting married next year and I am so happy I got to take their engagement portraits while I was in town.  We waded through a proverbial sea of photographers at this stunning river location, but it was worth the fight.  

Congratulations on your engagement, Stephanie and Bryan! You two are adorable and very obviously so in love with one another. 

Aren't they just gorgeous?? Enjoy!

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Erin and Jordan {Tied the knot!} I meant to have this up in honor of veteran's day for my special Air Force couple from all the way back in September but I just did not get myself together! With wedding season finally coming to and end for me it's time for me to stop hanging my head in shame and get caught up on blogging.  

Erin and Jordan shared a warm summer wedding at the beautiful Stone Barn Ranch in Sheridan, California.  Erin's family did a lot of the work for the wedding diy and it was chalk full of personal and gorgeous details everywhere your eye could possibly fall.  A big Harry Potter fan, Erin had custom vans painted for her wedding shoes and a gorgeous tea length reception gown after the ceremony.  These two were absolutely surrounded in love and fun for the entire day and I couldn't have asked for a happier group of folks to have the privilege of documenting a wedding for.

This year has been an absolutely blessed for me with amazing couples, laughs, and moments of intense emotion.  I am so grateful I've gotten to be present for all these amazing people. Without further babbling, I give you a summary of the amazing wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Russell on a gorgeous sunny Northern California day! 

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Erin and Jordan {are getting married in one week!} When I first heard from Erin she was one of those 'oh please let her be my bride!' people.  She and Jordan are so relaxed and laid back and wanted a country spring feel to their session.  When fortunately from them they only live about 30 minutes from my families ranch so we met up there in Bangor and had probably one of my favorite engagement sessions to date.  

Before I start carrying on, Jordan is a military man stationed at Beale in the Air Force so everyone raise a glass for his outstanding level of sacrifice.  This young adorable couple got engaged on one frosty trip to Tahoe where Jordan took to his knee and gave her a watermelon flavored ring pop! Y'all you know it's love if they get you the watermelon flavor.  

These two laughed for their entire session and followed me all across my dads piece of property on this gorgeous overcast day.  I love shooting engagement so much, there's nothing but excitement and energy for the upcoming nuptials in those moments.  Now I just need more Northern California couples so I can shoot here all the time! 

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The Maple Family I absolutely love when I get a referral client from some of my favorite clients!! These sweet little babes are actually the cousins of a very amazing family I serve as often as I can and I was so thrilled to just hear from this mama at all.  
Then I got to our session and saw just how adorable every single member of this family looked and I almost died I was so excited.  Then we found a dandelion for baby girl and that was it - the session died of cuteness. So without further hyping (because it really isn't necessary!) let me show you the absolutely adorable Maple family!! We decided on a bright sunny summer session out at West 12 ranch here in Lodi.  It is an amazing time to head out there, everything is blooming, the pastures are green, and it's just starting to cool down.  

And as a last little warning I am down to 4 family session spots for the rest of this year - so if you are interested please don't dawdle! I really don't want to spread myself too thin with weddings going into November this year and have made the choice to take less family clients to be sure each and every family and wedding gets the best experience possible with me.  Love you all!! 

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Mersedes and Tony tied the knot! If you don't know Anthony and Mersedes then let me give you what insight I have gleaned from this amazing day in their lives.  I was fortunate enough to witness each of them separately and together during the day and was lucky enough to even have time to shoot their portraits in relative privacy.  These two just completed one another. 
Mersedes had the slightest look of being anxious when I came into the bridal suit at the Spanos Reserve.  At first I thought it was nerves but as the day progressed and we finally got her to where she was waiting to walk down the aisle she peaked out of the doors and released a sharp breath while exclaiming 'I just want to hug Tony!' and it became clear that she was only anxious to see her soon to be husband.  
Mersedes and Tony were high school sweethearts and became inseparable and fell in love as they realized they didn't want to spend a moment apart.  When the time was right Tony bought a ring and probably planned some romantic proposal in secret from Mersedes. But unfortunately, he didn't hide the receipt from the jewelry store very aptly and Mersedes found it.  She pestered him relentlessly about the purchase, trying to make him cave, and finally he did and would propose to her in their home when he couldn't take the pressure anymore! Atta girl! 
Planning her wedding was a fun and personal experience for Mersedes, she didn't use a planner and used the chance to bond more closely with her friends and family all while pouring over pinterest for inspiration and ideas.  It had to be challenging planning a wedding from another state but as you will see, Mersedes pulled it off.  
Mersedes said that while preparing to walk down the aisle she felt overwhelmed by emotions as soon as the girls started walking and the music began.  She couldn't believe how lucky she was to walk down the aisle to her best friend and the most amazing man she knows. 
Tony's reaction is really evident in the photos, but when asked his told his bride "When I saw you come down the aisle I knew everything I wanted was right there, you looked absolutely amazing and all I could do was smile".  Now if that isn't darling I just don't know what is.  It is so obvious how much these two care for one another.  True love is such a privilege to witness, I am so honored that I was given this opportunity to document this day for such an amazing couple and family.  So please enjoy the wedding of these two amazing young people who are looking forward to growing their family and experiencing life's adventures hand in hand.  Feel free to leave them some words of advice, love, or encouragement in the comments.  

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Roe Roe Row your boat Caitlin and John are in front of my camera and lot more than John would probably prefer.  Although I hate to admit this in a place he could find out about it; it's actually kind of his fault.  John is a wonderful husband and father to his two ladies.  He has been a kind and selfless gentlemen on every encounter I've been around him, including a time when he and Caitlin modeled bridal for an entire group of photographers.  He went out of his way to make sure every model and photographer safely crossed rocky outcroppings and always guides his wives hand as they walk on unstable ground.  

It's that type of man who finds a girl like Caitlin. Caitlin is strong, fierce and independent. She's worked a job most of us couldn't imagine or stomach and she still walks with the corners of her mouth constantly curled into a smile.  They are honest, caring and thoughtful towards each other and now to their daughter.  And for all their amazing traits of human decency the greatest is their patience and love of that little girl.  A little girl who's love of her parents wells up inside her like she might burst every single time she sees one of them.  Who's innocent heart betrays what amazing parents they really are in her incredible love for them.  

So when Caitlin decided they'd like another I felt a great spring of happiness for them. In what I know of these people: they are who we want to be raising the children who will one day foster our world for us.  It is with absolute joy that I was able to photograph Caitlin and John's family as it is blossoming.  It is with absolute humility that I feel God put Caitlin into my life as a friend and source of strength as a parent.  And, hopefully, it will be by absolute Grace if I get to photograph the arrival of little Cooper into the world outside of his mother.  I cannot imagine a family who is more deserving of happiness than these two.  

To Caitlin and John, your love is so inspiring: the love of one another and of your child.  I hope that it grows every day and that it swells to make room for Cooper when he arrives.  I cannot wait to meet your little man and to parent alongside you for as long as I'm blessed to do so.  

It is with great pleasure that I share some of the images of the family Roe, aptly named for their a gorgeous river session in a peaceful bend on the Stanislaus river on a warm summer evening in Northern California.



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The Mosers Travis and Korissa are a couple who compliment one another perfectly.  From the moment they arrived to their engagement session and Travis held open the door for his beautiful fiance I could tell their love was young and strong just by the way he looked at her.  They would steal romantic cute glances at each other every chance they got during the session.  Fast forward to their rehearsal where I finally got to meet their amazing families and I could tell this wedding would be amazingly special.  

This couple first met through mutual friends (who are also a couple in the bridal party!) and Korissa described Travis as shy and intriguing.  Not long into their relationship Korissa went to Europe and was gone for a couple months.  It was then that they realized how much they cared about one another and had truly missed each other. Travis would whisk her away to a romantic little getaway in Napa and give her a promise ring shortly after.  

On October 17th he asked her to take a sunset walk on San Diego's sunset cliffs. She didn't understand his insistence on arriving for the sunset till they got there (a little late!) and he took to one knee and proposed in the traditional fashion - he even had a friend there to take some photos! 

These two are so relaxed and easy going. Korissa described wedding planning as 'pretty smooth!' when I asked her how it was going.  She never let anything make her sweat (at least externally!) 

Their wedding day was completely drenched in love from everyone there. So much of their family was personally involved in the preparations and the celebration. Since they were planning from Arizona (where they both were attending college) Travis' mom was a huge part of the local footwork.  She also baked their cupcakes and subbed in last minute as a hair stylist! Travis' grandpa acted as their officiant and did a fantastic job after many decades as a pastor before retiring.  His ceremony was warm and full of genuine love and advice that I took to heart and will celebrate in my own marriage.  

Some cool things to keep an eye out for; Korissa is a very artistic diy bride and did the calligraphy herself on most of their gorgeous decorations! Travis has an amazing 1968 c10 truck he got as a 17th birthday gift.  It had been previously used on a farm and was in pretty rough shape when they got it.  He drove and slowly repaired it all through high school with his dad and his grandpa (who also officiated) and the time they spent on the truck was an amazing bonding experience for the three of them.  He absolutely loves and cherishes the truck and was so thrilled to be able to escort his bride away from their wedding in it at the end of the night.  

So here they are folks, the brand new Mosers! 




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Marsha and Gaylord are engaged! When Marsha first contacted me about her wedding I just loved her sense of humor and go with the flow attitude. We ended up rescheduling this engagement session several times; for heat, for a protest at the capital building - and by the time we did finally land the session the new Pokemon game had arrived and the capital building was flooded with people gleefully catchin' em' all!   

Marsha and Gaylord took all these problems in stride - both of them have done their share of child rearing and were able to laugh off random people walking into our shots.  It became a fun game!   In all seriousness, these two have a sense of humor to rival anyone I know and they laughed most of their session. They would hold kisses longer than I had requested and sometimes just stopped to enjoy staring at one another without even being prompted. Sometimes they simply HAD to kiss in the middle of a pose.  It was a powerful love to witness and I cannot wait for their wedding in October to see them exchange their vows after 5 years of dating.   ‚Äč

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Stylized bridal shoot part 1 A few weeks ago I was blessed enough to get the opportunity to shoot a gorgeous stylized bridal session.  It took a lot of people a lot of work and investment to get this put together and I'm so grateful for all of them and everyone played their role perfectly! 

I try to always provide my couples with recommendations for all their vendors, and this shoot was a wonderful chance to get to know a lot of wedding professionals personally and see how we all operate under real life wedding timelines and stress.  I am so thrilled to share all their talented work with y'all so you can hopefully find the vendors of your dreams for your special day! 

The venue who welcomed us to shoot with them was Durst Winery in Acampo.  This is a brand new venue and wine tasting destination. with gorgeous grounds and full bridal and groom suites in development it is absolutely the perfect place for a wedding or a casual get together with friends and family.  I am going to admit something crazy y'all, I really have never been wine tasting. I know, going on 7 years in Lodi and never once have I so much as considered it.  But after touring the grounds multiple times and even while preparing our shoot while people were still out tasting: I got the best vibe and relaxed feel from this venue. So I am now going to have to concede and bring the family out for a little picnic and enjoy some local wine.  It's a hard life. What can I say.
Part of what made this venue so gorgeous is that while the tasting room is brand new and state of the art, the mansion and grounds have been maintained to a T since the early 1900's and it has a gorgeous Spanish villa vibe to it.  You can literally walk a little trail across this whole property and hit different looks for any type of photo look you might be considering.  
This venue is just starting out for weddings so be sure to go in and schedule a walk through early to not miss out on a killer deal! and on instagram @durstwinery

All of our gorgeous rental furniture and decor was provided by Vintage Rentals by Unique Boutiques and it was such a thrill to have them out.  It really brought together a lot of our looks in a dreamy and beautiful way.  Oh and they also styled these tables with the help of the florist and baker, but other than that these set ups were things they can really do for you on your wedding day.  Talk about a dream team, am I right?  How amazing would it be to walk into your reception and see these kind of decorations and sweetheart table set ups! Find their full list of rentals at  

These gorgeous cakes were provided by Blissful Bites Bakery out of Modesto and let me tell you - they look great but their taste was just crazy ridiculous on point.  I will not even lie, I am a big fan of cake.  I wasn't in my youth but now that it goes straight to my thighs: it's basically my favorite thing ever. Her cake was light and fluffy and moist and delicious. Some of these cakes are actually 'rentals' which are super economical ways to go big for your wedding (and I bet you can't tell which are which!) She simply buttercreams and decorates a styrofoam display cake that looks absolutely authentic, but your guests will be eating sheet cakes cut and delivered from the back of house.  Isn't that clever? And she's such a sweetheart even with ALL this baking on top of a weekend full of other cakes to bake for her clients: She made us a batch of cupcakes to enjoy while we got ready at our venue. or @bites_blissful

Our amazing floral styling was provided by the Lathrop FFA Florals, I know, who knew FFA could do such gorgeous floral arrangements! They provided all the flowers for the bouquets, boutonnieres, tablescapes, and cake decorations.  Frankly they were stunning and with a couple color palates to chose from they really produced some absolute show stoppers. Check out their work and get in touch with them for an amazing florist and a great organization.  

All of our make up and hair was done by Jordyn Rich, who's work you can check out on Instagram: @charm_by_rich who was such a doll to all our girls as she was primping them.  If you really want to feel spoiled and look like a gem on your wedding day or for any portraits, book this
gal to complete your look!!

Our amazing models for these shots were Karly Falkenburg and Jamie Boysen, who are indeed real life friends (we didn't fake that part!)
You can see Karly's amazing portfolio of work at or on instagram @_Karly_model

These gorgeous bridal and bridesmaid dresses were provided by Sheryl Giles Bridal Couture, who've recently opened up a gorgeous fairytale of a dress shop in downtown Lodi.  Sheryl not only helped me hand pick all our gowns (and then sent extras that were absolutely to die for!) but she really obviously cares about all her brides from the moment they walk through her door till they are saying yes to that dress! If you are gown shopping in the central valley this dress shop is an absolute must to schedule an appointment with. and be sure to follow them on instagram @sherylgilesbridal  


Stay tuned for the rest of this series, we have 3 more pairs of models to show off! 

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mother's day specials!  

Hello my lovely mommies!

Are you at home? Take a second for me and look around your walls. How many of the photos are YOU in with your children? Not just your beautiful family portraits, I mean those emotional and expressive photographs that you always wish you had more of? One day those photos might be your children's very favorite to look back on. 

Don't put this off, be a presence on your own walls!

These sessions will take place April 17th 2016, there are slots available in the morning and in the evening.  The cost is $50 per mom and her babes, any age is welcome. This cost includes 3 complimentary digital files (a $45 value!) and a beautiful online gallery to select your complimentary digitals, additional digitals, or prints and products from.  


Are you a devoted spouse with a fantastic mother in your life? 

These sessions make amazing gifts!  Stop wandering the aisles of your least favorite department store trying to find something for your mom or your children's mom. Call me today for a gift certificate, and don't worry, we can book her a special time slot after mother's day so that you can present her with a beautiful gift certificate with her breakfast in bed. (you are giving her breakfast in bed, right?)


Edit to add: There are only 4 time slots left as of right now!

Please fill out the form at the bottom of this post when you are ready to book this session and I will contact you a.s.a.p!

heart emotico Gift certificates are available if you are looking for something to give to the mom in your life, and we can arrange a special date for her session in that scenario heart emoticon


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Marisa and Tony's gorgeous maternity This was a gorgeous day out at the Cosumnes River Preserve for a maternity session.  I am an avid fan of the outdoors, and this place is a great little hiking location to go to with kids.  

This gorgeous mama actually booked me months ago for this day and I've been really eagerly awaiting her session day to come around.  Anyone who is that organized to plan their maternity photos so far in advance is going to be an awesome client.

Marisa and Tony absolutely didn't disappoint! Sweet, tender and easy going, you can't ask for more perfect people in a maternity session.  This baby is definitely going to be loved with all their beings.  

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Jynna I recently have been blessed enough to come across some new toys to play with for sessions.  You know what can be really frustrating though? Getting something fun to play with and not having a session that exact second to use it on! uuugh. So I got on the lam and found the lovely lady Jynna and she was happy to come out and strike a pose for me.  Sometimes it's good soul food to just get out and stretch those photo-legs. Some of this is pretty different for me, but it's fun to get out of your comfort zone, right! 

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Lady A's cake It's been pretty chilly around here lately and I have been itching for some summer throwbacks lately.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a winter girl through and through. I love the snow and I love being snuggled by a fire with hot cocoa. (well I say hot cocoa, what I actually mean is a cup with cocoa in it and a can of whipped cream that I continuously refill into the mug) so I went fishing around for something warm to remind us all of toastier times in the face of the coming rain.

This is little Lady A.


Yes she has exactly as much personality as you are assuming she does right now.

For her cake smash her mom thought 'well of course she will eat the cake, she eats everything!' and that logic was sound. But it turned out that simply was not the case.

She sampled it. 

She didn't prefer it.

So genius struck her mother and she stuffed blueberries into the cake (a favorite snack)

But that merely offended her when she realized that pesky frosting was clinging to her precious blue gems of yumminess.

But have no fear, after many a failed cake smash attempts I'd thought of a new plan for the family to still have some adorable photos of their child. 

And it was a bath! She was a little apprehensive but once she got the hang of it this health food junky was all about the bubbles. And as luck would have it momma is a proficient picker of adorable vintage bits of cuteness so we got to do a little mini stylized session for this cutie.



Stay tuned, because this mom and I have a lot of big plans for stylized sessions this coming spring!! 

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Korissa and Travis These two young lovebirds are actually living states away for school at the moment, so planning their engagement shoot on a brief week long visit to family here was basically a matter of praying for nice weather on one of their seldom free afternoons.  To complicate the matters further both my boys were sick right around the same time and finding someone to watch them (outside of my husband who was doomed anyways) would have been nothing short of impossible. 

But ohhh how happy I was when we were able to make it work.  These two are absolutely darling and beautifully sweet on one another. 

I am so in love with shooting weddings and their nuptials in June is going to phenomenally sweet and touching if their engagement session is any indicator! 

Enjoy and leave them some congratulations, encouragement or sage wisdom in the comments!

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Caitlin and John This gorgeous couple practically jump off the screen with how in love they are. These two have an adorable fiery little daughter but came out on a little date for this photo session.  We even got to book it in the location where they had their first date and where John proposed to Caitlin! 


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Heather and Kevin A bridal shoot dating back to the fall/late summer in beautiful Knight's Ferry.  This shoot was a ton of fun and very high energy. I cannot wait to work with these two again, amazing people who happen to basically be supermodels: doesn't get better than that right! 


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Another K family Sometimes it takes people a minute to warm up to me. I get it. I'm pretty intimidating. (Just kidding, I'm pretty lame) but this family was so much fun and immediately were able to fall into natural and comfortable poses with each other. I kept reassuring little man we'd go play in the leaves and he cracked some of the cutest most genuine smiles and laughs for me at that promise.  He even gave me a little hug and helped me carry my ladder to my truck. Fine young gentleman, in my books! 

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The M Family One of my very favorite repeat clients came out to get some gorgeous fall family portraits done a few weekends back.  These boys are just the cutest group of gents! 

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Gettin' Barbed Michael and Kaela's special day took place in Valley Springs on a crisp fall afternoon.  I loved this venue for all the little details, from the cute bridal suite, to the fishing pond and lovely stone fireplace.  They had the country chic look nailed down.

Congratulations, love birds!

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The K family This is actually the second time I've had the pleasure of working with this family and I can say it was awesome to see how the kids have grown and changed! 

They even added a new family puppy who was so adored it was unreal.  She even has a matching manicure with her mama. 

I love how down to earth and fun this family made their session, we laughed and traded stories about rottweilers and Indiana Jones marathons; it was seriously a great time y'all.  Also I get to see living proof that a mom can be a radiant beauty while raising up 3 boys - life goals. 

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Kyle's birth  

For a couple weeks, this tough mama had the unfortunate experience of prodromal labor.  It got to the point anytime she told me she was going to the hospital (only to be turned away) that my whole heart sank for her.

Finally, on August 25th it was real deal.  She was admitted.  I arrived just as the sun was setting over the hospital in South Sacramento. 

and it's a good thing too, because she progressed fast and was ready to have that baby within 15 minutes of my arrival! 

Welcome baby Kyle, who came into the world with a mighty roar!

But he was so relaxed with his mama.

(Meredith Faith Photography) Lodi Ca portrait photographer Maternity birth photography lodi birth photographer Sun, 13 Sep 2015 04:25:59 GMT
Jordan, class of 2015


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Dominique Let me tell you a story about this beautiful young woman and her amazingly clever boyfriend! 

When she arrived she had a whole slew of outfits to change into (all organized impeccably might I add) and she was pretty speedy at this endeavour.  Our shoot was going smoothly as we got some shots of her with her siblings and boyfriend. 


When it was Anthony's turn to change he took quite some time! We were a little surprised.  Then I did something I always do, I scan my clients for things like hair ties, cell phones in pockets etc.  Sure enough Anthony had a square inside his pocket, I casually said 'Oh Anthony can you hand your cell phone to Dominique's mom for these photos?'  He stopped, stunned, then slowly walked away from Dominique.  I felt bad, did I say something wrong? I said 'or You can set it on my bag?' but he kept shuffling off and then smuggled it into his sock.  We all kind of laughed at him, and moved on with the shoot. 

As we were working, I asked them to pose facing each other and Dominique joked 'you could get down on one knee for one, maybe?'  The following reaction ensued. 

Do you see where this is going yet?  Well kudos because WE DIDN'T.  We all laughed it off, I cheered for getting a real giggle out of everyone.

The shoot continued in a beautiful way.  We wandered around the property and changed outfits again.


He gave me this look when I said 'I think we have everything!'  Then he said 'Well, I have one more thing'


Then this totes happened.

And gentlemen, that's how it's done!! And since this session their little man actually made a surprise appearance early! I am going to get to go see him tomorrow morning for a hospital session, I can't wait to see how stinkin' cute he has got to be! Congratulations to the newly engaged and new parents!! 

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Leah and Noe {Get hitched!} When my sister in law asked me to do her wedding photos I will admit, I had a lot of emotions.  I was VERY nervous, but even more so excited! I had a few nightmares leading up to the event that I somehow erased all the images and my MIL would chase me around with a hot iron. Which is strange, because normally I'm cool as a cucumber and my MIL couldn't even catch me.

I digress.

This was a beautiful day, filled with amazing friends, family and a lot of love.  Sometimes weddings just seem like a party with some kissing but this truly felt like a melding of two families.  Even the groom's mother came up to me at one point just to give me a hug, it was an amazing touching day and I feel completely privileged that I got to  document it for them. 

Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Alonzo! 



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