Who am I?

I am an observer of passion, a lover of love, a crier of ugly tears during emotional events.  

I am a mother, gardener, baker and eater of too much bread, lover of Christ, whenever I can I'm a reader of all the books.  I'm obsessed with lemon flavored things.  I grew up in a rural town in the foothills of Northern California and sometimes that really shows. 

I believe in the little moments in life. I believe they happen all the time and I always have my eyes peeled to find them in my daily life and during anything I'm photographing.  Sometimes it's those in between moments that you will cherish the photographs of the most. 

I am a volunteer photographer for The Tiny Footprints Foundation and for the Magic Hour Foundation.  I have been very blessed with health, happiness and humility in my life and my children's lives and I love to give back whenever I can.

I am eternally grateful for our troops and our emergency responders and offer discounts for any service I provide to these unsung heroes.  Thank you so much for what you do: your bravery, courage and sacrifice means the world to the rest of us.  

I love what I do and feel blessed every day that I am able to share my passion with others.  It is such an honor to be able to document moments and create heirlooms for your family.  I love my clients and cannot wait to see what I can do for you. Together we will make whatever is precious in your life shine for the world to see.